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hossein eslambolchiDr. Hossein Eslambolchi, Chairman & CEO of 2020 Venture Partners is recognized in the scientific community as one of the foremost thought leaders and technological scientists of the high-tech age and 21st century. He is often compared by industry experts to leaders such as Jack Welch of GE for his leadership in business transformation in the communications industry worldwide and to Thomas Edison for his significant scientific contribution in the field of IP.

Dr. Eslambolchi is a well known scientist known worldwide for his technical work on IP technologies and has a number of innovations in various fields supporting communications and worldwide IP infrastructure, technologies and applications. He has over 1000 patents in various stages under his name – issued, pending and preparation. These have earned him the respect and admiration of fellow scientists and have gained him visibility amongst influential marketplace ‘pundits’ who acknowledge his ability to influence how private and public sector leaders must think if they expect to compete in a global economy.

In his recently published book ‘2020 Vision’, Dr. Eslambolchi has set the foundation for the communications industry over the next two decades and he now predicts “broadband wireless will eat IP” and micro applications will dominate the industry. In his ‘keynote’ presentations to business, scientific and technology focused audiences across the world, Dr. Eslambolchi advances a 21st Century agenda that has become the transformational plan for global communications technology.

“His (Eslambolchi’s) evangelizing has underscored the notion of where the entire communications infrastructure is heading,” Light Reading, (11/2003)”

A quintessential telecommunications visionary, he champions the creation and delivery of pragmatic state-of-the-art transformational business strategies. He joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1986 and rose to become global Chief Technology Officer, global Chief Information Officer, President and CEO of AT&T Labs and President and CEO of AT&T Global Network Services and was a 16B officer of the company since 2001. He also served as a critical member of AT&T’s governing Executive Committee. As the Chief Transformation Officer at AT&T, in the brief space of three years, he developed and executed a comprehensive four stage strategy that included Enterprise Customer Service, Network Transformation, Service Transformation and Cultural Transformation; essentially, the overhaul and remodeling of the company that SBC dubbed the “new AT&T”. Dr. Eslambolchi advised its top leaders on the formulation and implementation of a strategic technology vision from 2001 to 2005. Early on, he predicted that IP would “eat everything” and advocated an architecture that would allow all services to run on IP and work together with connectivity to any device. He left AT&T soon after its merger with SBC in January 2006.

Business Week called him “a critical player in maintaining AT&T’s status as a technology leader” (12/2005) and noted that he is “a bold, but pragmatic, visionary.”

His progression from entry level scientist with Bell Laboratories to AT&T’s Chief Technology and Information Officer and President of the company’s Global Technology Services placed him at the most senior management table. As Chair of the Technology Strategy and Development Council and Senior Technology Advisor to the Chairman and Officers of the company, he advised them on formulation and implementation of a collective (technology) strategy and his leadership was welcomed and respected. He was responsible for the global architecture, design, development, network and application engineering and operations of AT&T Data and IP networks including Wireless and Cable Technologies.

Dr. Eslambolchi is, “the technological strategist behind AT&T’s ambitious turnaround plan to become a data transmission company selling an array of software products like network security systems,” New York Times, (01/22/2005).

Dr. Eslambolchi has provided leadership for over 100,000 of the world’s best scientists, engineers, lab researchers and business development and business operations teams including customer care operations. His achievements are numerous, leading edge and transformational; their contributions to society, priceless.

During the previous administration, Dr. Eslambolchi was a member of the President’s Committee on Enabling Technologies for People with Disabilities. He continues to affiliate with, and is active on, a number of business and academic advisory boards. He is also nominated to win US President Science and Technology Medal for his significant contribution to the development of IP technology and its reliability which is the foundation of all IP based applications over the Internet.

Dr. Eslambolchi is the also the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and honors that include: “Inventor of the Year” by the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame (2002) – Only Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were so honored; “Top 25 Most Influential CTOs of 2005” (InfoWorld); honored by Cisco IQ Magazine as “One of its 10 Internet Business Leaders” (2003); “One of the Premier 100 IT Leaders for 2004” (Computerworld Magazine); “Number 1 ‘mover and shaker’ in telecommunications”, for his visionary prediction of IP and MPLS worldwide nearly a decade ago, (2003) (Light Reading).

Dr. Eslambolchi is currently a technical advisor to Erisson Corporation for building a worldwide eco- system converging wire line and wireless using IP based technologies. He is also on the Board of Directors of Packet Design and Real Dice, both based in Silicon Valley, Vericloud – A very exciting company in Cloud Computing arena and Telemanagement Forum based in UK along with being Chief Technology Advisor Avalon Global Solutions and Solera Networks. In Addition, he is also a member of Board of Trustees for SUSMA based in NYC and technical advisor to University of California School of Engineering where he started a center called CNS for bringing together various engineering including nano-engineering fields.

Dr. Eslambolchi is an Iranian American inventor and engineer, and earned a BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego.


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Life and work
Dr. Eslambolchi graduated with highest honors from the University of California, San Diego with a BS, MS, PhD and Post Doc in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics. As of 2008, he is on the Board of Directors for Packet Design and advisory board of School of Engineering at UC San Diego and Allegis Capital Venture Firm. He has also written a visionary book called ‘2020 Vision’ on how the future of technology will impact the lives of every person and business on the face of planet over the next decade. He is currently writing a second book on world of IP. In 2008, he received the IEEE Chairman Quality Award as part of his significant contribution to Science and Technology for ‘Improving Reliability of IP Networks Worldwide’. He gives numerous keynote speeches at various conferences and meetings to drive the future of technology to transform the future. His keynote speech in November of 2008 defined the way business transformation can occur to drive revenue for companies worldwide. Please see:

He has been invited regularly to speak on future of Education in US and speaks at various academies of Science worldwide. He is scheduled to give the major keynote speeches in month of November in Europe.

Dr. Eslambolchi Speeches
Dr. Eslambolchi provides numerous interviews and his latest personal interview can be found below:

In addition, Dr. Eslambolchi gave an inspiring speech at TMF forum in 2008 at Orlando followed with a very thought-provoking interview to Rob Rich which can be found below:

In 2004, Computerworld called him “one of the nicest guys and technological geniuses in the world of IP technology.”
In June of 2009, Dr. Eslambolchi gave a visionary speech on future of the communications industry (

Dr. Eslambolchi has developed a very unique model of Complexity for Telecom that over time, complexity due to number of protocols along with interconnection of these protocols, multiplied by the number of services will increase to a point that scale become a very difficult factor to manage in terms cost, capability and cycle time. He has been advocating models to lower this complexity to only Factor of One. This is now known in the industry as the “Eslambolchi Law of Complexity”.

Career Accomplishments
Dr. Eslambolchi had many roles and titles within AT&T. According to public profile, he was “responsible for the corporation’s strategic technology direction, network operations, research and development, information technology systems and processes.” In addition to having been the global CTO and CIO, he presided over AT&T’s Global Networking Technology Services (GNTS) division and over AT&T Labs. As GNTS President and CEO, he led engineering, operations, architecture, and the development of the AT&T global network for both packet and circuit switched networks worldwide as well as its Global Network Operations Center – AT&T’s networking nerve center.

In addition to serving as CTO, Dr. Eslambolchi was also President and CEO of AT&T’s Global Networking Technology Services, President and CEO of AT&T Labs and AT&T’s Global Chief Information Officer, giving him end-to-end responsibility for implementing the company’s technology and operational Information Technology vision of 21st century. As President and CEO of AT&T Labs, he led a team of some of the world’s best scientists and engineers in developing an architecture that transformed AT&T’s legacy voice and data networks into a converged IP/MPLS network that now reaches all major business centers around the globe.

He provided the leadership that reengineered AT&T’s underlying information technology (IT) infrastructures with his unique Concept of One and Concept of Zero business processes. While moving AT&T’s legacy networks onto an IP/MPLS platform, he also directed the convergence of the operating support and customer service systems underlying the network, making AT&T the lowest-cost major carrier. This also improved cycle times and allowed customers unprecedented access to the network that permits them to monitor and control their services. In addition, Dr. Eslambolchi was assigned as AT&T Chief Transformation Officer and reduced over $15B in Free Cash Flow over 3 years by implementing a 3 year strategy to upgrade all legacy systems, processes and applications to state of the art IP based applications. Dr. Eslambolchi has won numerous Awards including notable AT&T Science and Technology Medal in 1999 and became AT&T Fellow as the most prestigious and highest technical award to any AT&T scientist. He has also received AT&T Significant Patent Award in 1997 for innovation of a technology called FASTAR (FAST AUTOMATED RESTORATION) which has become the foundation of protection AT&T national network security in the event of a major cable cut in United States.

Dr. Eslambolchi is well-known in the scientific community for his expertise in IP network design and reliability, security, IP technologies, Services, IP applications and setting an industry vision for “the “Concept of One” (do it once, do it right, use it everywhere) *, and the “Concept of Zero” (zero defects, zero cycle time and automate where possible) *, which have been used to streamline production across the company.

Some of his other key principles are:

  • “Flattery doesn’t cost anything and it yields huge dividends.”
  • “We need to create a place with the force of a gigantic magnet that would draw employees to work in the morning and release them in the evening. A place where the atmosphere is electromagnetic.”

Dr, Eslambolchi has also invented “Concept of None: where he believes networks will be moved to become autonomic so it will become self healing, self-provisioning and self-restorable via fully automated network and operational support systems.

As of 2005, Dr. Eslambolchi yearly total compensation as 16B officer of the company from AT&T was over $6M a year. His compensation increased from 4.2m (2003) to over 6m (2005).

As an AT&T lead Transformation officer, CTO, CIO and President and CEO of AT&T Labs and Global Network Officer, he has spoken at many conferences over the past years, highlighting in 2005 the needs for intelligent networks and for good security. A recent catchphrase of his is “IP will eat everything,” meaning that all devices will communicate with one another over IP networks. His vision is included in his recent book, will bring true technology vision for CXOs across the world. He also predicted that we will be moving toward an intelligent network and smart devices almost a decade ago and all of his predictions are coming true in the world of IP.

Dr. Eslambolchi is well sought after in various non-profit organizations to help drive 21st century vision and plan to drive better lives in medical, nano-engineering, quantum computing, cloud and grid computing fields. He is just being nominated to become chairman of National Lambda Corporation, a non-profit group connecting 85 universities in the US with many more on the horizon with other educational institutions worldwide.

Awards and patents

  • Dr. Eslambolchi was appointed an AT&T Fellow, AT&T’s highest technical honor, in 1999. He also has won AT&T Science and Technology medal and AT&T Significant Patent award in 1997.
  • Dr. Eslambolchi was named “Inventor of the Year” by the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame in 2002. Only Thomas Alva Edison and Albert Einstein were so honored.
  • “Top 10 Most Influential CTOs of 2005” (InfoWorld); honored by Cisco IQ Magazine as “One of its 10 Internet Business Leaders (2003); “One of the Premier 100 IT Leaders for 2004 (Computerworld Magazine); “Number 1 ‘mover and shaker’ in telecommunications, (2003) (Light Reading). Dr. Eslambolchi is also nominated in President’s science and technology award for his vision and contribution to IP and technology vision.
  • Dr. Eslambolchi was honored by Computerworld magazine as one of the Premiere 100 IT Leaders for 2004. The Executive Council of New York recognized him as one of the Top Ten Innovators of 2003.
  • In his recently published book, 2020 Vision, and ‘Keynote’ presentations to business, scientific and technology focused audiences, Dr. Eslambolchi advances a 21st Century agenda that has become the transformational plan and roadmap for global communications technology.
  • Dr. Eslambolchi just recently selected as one of the top 100 influential leaders of the 21st century and University of California, San Diego has selected him as top 100 alumni in the history of the University which is greatest honor given to any individual.
  • Holds (as of September 2008) over 1000 worldwide patents (issued and pending).


Eslambolchi’ s Forbes profile, with data from Hemscott
• Dr. Eslambolchi has a personal web site with more information. Visit


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