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Mo Barzegar

Mo Barzegar is heading a $4bn charge into Europe for US firm AMB, and UK property is on his shopping list. Since 2002 US industrial giant AMB has been quietly plotting an invasion of Europe. Buying [...]

Mehrdad Baghai

Mehrdad is Managing Director of Alchemy Growth Partners, a boutique advisory and venture firm in Sydney. He is co-author of the international best-sellers The Alchemy of Growth, The Granularity of Growth, and the upcoming book As [...]

Hassan Astani

Astani is chairman of Astani Enterprises, Inc., one of the largest niche real-estate development companies in Los Angeles today, with investments valued at more than $1 billion. His firm owns or operates approximately 4,000 apartment units [...]

Amir Ansari

Amir Ansari is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder and as an inventor and serial entrepreneur, brings more than 20 years of experience to Prodea Systems. Prior to co-founding Prodea Systems, Amir served in the Office of [...]

Bahman Atefi

Dr. Atefi is the Chairman and CEO of Alion Science and Technology. He became President of Alion’s predecessor company, IIT Research Institute (IITRI) in 1997.  IITRI is a not-for-profit R&D company affiliated with Illinois Institute of [...]

Amir Bahadori

Amir’s love of all things design started thirty years ago in pre-school with a crayon on the walls of his nursery.  A passion for drawing outside the lines eventually led him to the Art Center College [...]

Manouchehr Ameri

Manouchehr (Fred) Ameri is the Senior Vice President of RBF Consulting, a planning and civil engineering consulting firm. RBF Consulting (RBF) is one of the most respected firms in the nation for civil engineering providing services [...]

Jamsheed Ameri

Jamsheed Ameri is the co-founder and President of Kinsel Ameri Properties, Inc and has been involved in real estate development, management and equity financing since 1982. KAP has acquired and/or developed market rate and affordable multi-family [...]

Mark Amin

Mark Amin is an Iranian–American motion picture producer and distributor. He formed Vidmark Entertainment in the early 1980s which handled mainly video releases, and was a pioneer in home video entertainment. In 1985, Amin changed the [...]

Vahid Alaghband

Vahid Alaghband, Founder and Chairman of Balli Group plc, was educated in Switzerland and the USA, where he received his BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Cornell University. He is a [...]