Iranians Invented Ice Cream

________________________________ (400 BC) – Ice Cream. [...]

Making the First Refrigerators!

________________________________ (400 BC) – Yakhchals , ancient refrigerators. An ancient ice house, called a Yakhchal, built in ancient times for storing ice during summers. [...]

First cultivation of spinach!

________________________________ (500 BC) – First cultivation of spinach. [...]

Domesticated Chicken!

________________________________ (500 BC) – Source for introduction of the domesticated chicken into Europe. [...]

Iranians Held the First Courier Post!

________________________________ (500 BC) The first courier post. Also called the “Royal Road”. [...]

Iranians held the First Taxation System…

________________________________ (500 BC) The first Taxation system (under the Achaemenid Empire). [...]

Iranians Invented Stapler!

________________________________ (500 BC) World’s oldest Stapler (fastener). [...]

Iranians Invented Polo!

________________________________ (521 BC) – The game Polo. [...]

Declaration of human rights!

________________________________ (576 BC to 529 BC) – Under the rule of Cyrus II the Great, the Cyrus Cylinder was issued. This is considered to be the first universal declaration of human rights, predating the Magna Carta [...]

First Monotheistic Faith!

________________________________ (1400 BC to 600 BC) – Zoroastrianism: where the first prophet of a monotheistic faith arose according to some scholars, claiming Zoroastrianism as being “the oldest of the revealed credal religions, which has probably had [...]