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Reza Ahy

Reza Ahy, Ph.D. serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Wi2Wi, Inc. Dr. Ahy serves as Principal at AhyNet. Dr. Ahy serves as an Advisor of Satwik Venture Capital Partners. Dr. Ahy founded Aperto Networks, Inc. [...]

Khodayar Alambeigi

Khodayar Alambeigi serves as Chief Executive Officer and Member of Board of Management at LUHNS GmbH. Mr. Alambeigi serves as President and Member of Administrative Board of Hansa Chemie International AG (Zurich). Mr. Alambeigi serves as [...]

Houtan Aghili

Dr. Houtan Aghili received his PhD in Computer, Information, and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. He then joined IBM Alamden Research Center in 1981 where he worked on the understanding, design [...]

Behrooz Abdi

Mr. Behrooz Abdi has been Executive Vice President and General Manager for MPS/CPS business at NetLogic Microsystems Inc. since November 2009. Mr. Abdi served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of RMI Corporation (also known [...]

Faraj Aalaei

Faraj Aalaei is Chief Executive Officer and one of co-founders of Centillium communications. Aalaei has more than 19 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to co-founding Centillium, Mr. Aalaei was the Director of Access [...]

Iraj Jabbary

How many of us at the age of 6 know what we want to be when we grow up?  A little boy from Bam, Iran knew that he would one day become a dentist.  His name [...]

Masih Zad

Masih was born in 1984 in Esfahan, Iran. He started his experience in Persian Art as the age of 13, restoring old Persian rugs. After that, he found a real passion in calligraphy, which became a [...]

Abdi Soltani

The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California (ACLU-NC) proudly announces its new Executive Director, Abdi Soltani, to lead the country’s largest ACLU affiliate. Soltani takes the reins as the ACLU-NC prepares to celebrate its 75th [...]

Lotfollah Lotfi Mansouri

Lotfollah “Lotfi” Mansouri (born 15 June 1929 in Tehran) is an Iranian-born opera director and manager. He was an opera director from about 1960 onwards, and is most well-known for being the General Director of the [...]

Ramin Djawadi

Ramin Djawadi (born 1974) is a composer of orchestral music for film and television. He may be best known for his Grammy-nominated, guitar-driven score for Iron Man, but his repertoire covers a wide variety of film [...]